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Endometriosis Affects 10% of Women. Risks and Complications.

Endometriosis effects 10% of women and causes severe pain and dangerous complications including problems in fertility.

It is internationally acknowledged that one out of every 10 women suffers from endometriosis. There is no direct or clear method for early detection of the disease, and a delay in diagnosis increases the suffering of the patient from complications and problems in fertility. This disease is a chronic disease, and there is no permanent cure, as the disease will continue to occur with every monthly menstrual cycle. Early diagnosis helps control the disease and prevents the occurrence of complications as well as limiting the associated pain.

a preliminary study was run on 277 adolescents from schoolsin Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, and has showed that 30 – 33% of female students miss school because of severe pains associated with the menstrual cycle, a sign of increased likelihood for an endometriosis diagnosis.

Severe pain associated with menstrual cycle and intaking painkillers, and not showing up to school or work are some of the major symptoms of the disease. Studies also showed that the cost of endometriosis and its complications treatment is three times more than the cost of breast cancer treatment, as with endometriosis the woman life is affected negatively, and suffering occurs every month.

There was a lot of evidence from scientific studies that show a relationship between ovarian tumors and endometriosis in 1.5 – 2% of cases, particularly in those cases where treatment is delayed. He indicated that in the case of early treatment, the patient can experience a relatively normal lifestyle as well as enhanced fertility. It was also founded that between 50 – 60% of those who experience chronic pelvic pain suffer from endometriosis.

Physicians are required not to take these cases lightly, and that physicians at family medicine clinics and also pediatricians need to be made aware of endometriosis, and must consider such a diagnosis when presented with a menstrual cycle accompanied by severe pain, chronic pelvic pain, and a delay in conception. They must consider at the same time treating these cases by specialized physicians that have the needed experience and skills to manage endometritis cases resulting in better outcomes

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